Hiding label message after a time interval in Asp.Net from code behind through JavaScript
12-Sep-2016 vikram singh
0 Comments 49 Views
Here we explain how to hide label messages after your defined time interval in Asp.Net using JavaScript.
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How to Find a Stored Procedure Containing Text or String
09-Sep-2016 Kamal Pratap
0 Comments 39 Views
Many times raise some question when we work on SQL Server.
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SQL Server UDF Function Convert String to Proper Case / Title Case Example
04-Sep-2016 Kamal Pratap
0 Comments 48 Views
In most cases when we require to display the text in Proper Case or Title Case using SQL Server. To handle this situation we explain the user defined function for convert the string in Title Case or Proper Case.
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How to implement SQL Server Functions that helps to convert date values to other date formats.
03-Sep-2016 Kamal Pratap
0 Comments 50 Views
Here we explain how to get the desire date format in SQL server using SQL Functions. We pass the date and date format like (dd-Mon-yyyy) as input parameter and it will return the formatted date like (01-Sep-2016) as output.
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How to format datetime & date in Sql Server
03-Sep-2016 Kamal Pratap
0 Comments 55 Views
Execute the following Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL datetime and date formatting scripts in Management Studio Query then you will get the following results.
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How to count the number of days, months, years between two dates
02-Sep-2016 Kamal Pratap
0 Comments 44 Views
Here we explain how to get days, months, year between two given date in a single select statement
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Implement Custom Paging in Repeater control in ASP.Net
18-Aug-2016 vikram singh
0 Comments 85 Views
In this article i explain how to use / populate paging (Pagination) in repeater. By default repeater control does not have pagination so we need to write custom code for populate the paging.
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ASP.Net DataList Custom Paging Like First, Previous, Numeric, Next And Last
18-Aug-2016 vikram singh
1 Comments 66 Views
In this article i explain how to populate paging (Pagination) in DataList control. By default DataList control does not have the paging option hence we create a custom paging. Here we give the example the custom paging like First, Previous, Numeric,
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ASP.Net GridView Custom Paging Like First, Previous, Numeric, Next And Last
17-Aug-2016 vikram singh
0 Comments 75 Views
When there are bulk records to show in the GridView, developers often use paging to divide the complete records into multiple pages to show the records in the GridView.
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Implementing Google Translate With Custom Flag Icons
29-Jun-2015 Kamal Pratap
2 Comments 2618 Views
In this article we explain how to translate the web page into different language using google translator. We create a custom country list with flag and call the google translator code using javascript custom code.
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